About Café Justicia

Café Justicia is produced by the Campesino Committee of the Highlands (CCDA), a farmer’s organization working for labour rights and long term social change in Guatemala.  The organic and shade grown coffee is justly traded because producers are paid a rate that is approximately 60% higher than standard fair trade.  The CCDA also works to promote traditional Mayan agriculture. Visit this link for more information about CCDA:

Your purchase will help CCDA and Education in Action in raising funds and consciousness for social justice projects. Most recently, a newer coffee dryer machine was purchased by the CCDA to overcome challenges of outdoor drying during the wet season. This in turn improves efficiency of coffee production, and increases benefit to the community. Funds raised also help fund a school teacher salary and provide scholarships to students to study abroad.

Looking for Justice — the story of Café Justicia

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