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Call for donations to assist Guatemalan Mayan and campesino families 2017

Education in Action Café Justicia Ottawa (EIA) collects funds in many ways to support the development of CCDA's community programs and families. As of 2017, our partner organisation can longer supply our donors with charitable donation tax receipts. Unfortunately, donations will not be tax deductible.

However, don't let the absence of the tax deduction incentive stop you from contributing as much as you can. For example, a $25 donation to a Mayan family is worth far more to them than the tax refund that you would receive from our beloved revenue agency... Please make your donation prior to December 31st 2017.

There are two ways you can make a donation, by mail and by e-transfer via your banking website.

By cheque via mail:
Education in Action
C/O Judith Abbott
45 Washington Ave
Ottawa ON K1L 6S7

Via your banking Website (if you already do some of your banking by Internet):
Go to the Transfer page
Select the e-Transfer option
Fill out the short form
The transfer destination email is “”
The question should be “Where does the coffee come from?”, and the answer “Guatemala”
When Judith receives the notice, she will complete the transfer directly to the EIA bank account.

Thank you very much for your solidarity.

Please visit our Accomplishments section to get a better sense of what EIA is all about, including what donations and other fundraising has allowed CCDA to do.

You may also consult the CCDA website directly -

CCDA Dedicates School to Roberto

With funding and an expedition team of volunteers from Education in Action, the CCDA built a school the village of Ixoloc San Pedrito. This is a presentation that Leocadio gave to the agriculture secretary on the opening of the school which the CCDA dedicated to Roberto Miranda. Click HERE to view the presentation.

Education in Action Gift Cards

The 2013 Education in Action gift cards are available for purchase at $10.00 for a packet of 8. Just email and ask for them.